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News - April, 2022

Cipio Partners exits Blackwood Seven to Kantar

Munich/Luxembourg – April 25, 2022 – Cipio Partners announces the sale of its portfolio company Blackwood Seven to Kantar.

Cipio Partners exits Blackwood Seven to Kantar

Kantar, the world’s leading data-driven analytics and brand consulting company today announces it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Blackwood Seven, the Copenhagen, Denmark-based marketing measurement and optimisation company. The move cements Kantar’s position as a market-leader in marketing ROI measurement and accelerates the firm’s plans to bring a Unified Marketing Measurement solution to its global client base. Operationally, the Blackwood Seven team will join Kantar’s Analytics Practice, led by Chris Petranto.


Henrik Hasselbalch Busch, CEO, Blackwood Seven, commented: “Blackwood Seven’s solution gives marketers a way to bring granularity and depth to measuring the effects of their marketing investments, answering the need for a solution to guide both strategic and tactical decisions. Kantar is uniquely placed to scale the offer and enable more businesses around the world to benefit from its many applications.”


About Blackwood Seven

Founded in 2013, Blackwood Seven is a leading provider of marketing effectiveness and planning solutions. They offer highly scalable, AI-powered, cookie-less unified marketing measurement globally. Their advanced analytics produce marketing ROI insights at a granular level, enabling marketers to optimise their investments and predict business outcomes. Powered by the Hamilton.AI platform, which continually learns from the effects of past media investments, their solutions model a multitude of scenarios to create future media plans down to an individual publisher level. Sophisticated modelling, which accounts for synergies between channels, macroeconomic factors and competitor activity, allows marketers to make better informed decisions. Continuously refreshed data inputs also facilitate real-time planning and in-flight campaign optimisation.

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About Cipio Partners

Founded in 2003, Cipio Partners is a leading investment management and advisory firm for European Growth Capital & Minority Buyouts for Technology Companies. Cipio Partners targets European growth stage technology businesses with €10-50 million in revenue and makes initial investments ranging from €5-15 million. Cipio Partners operates from offices in Luxembourg and Munich. Further information is available at


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