Our professionals are regular participants at industry events through speaking and similar engagements.  We are also a frequent contributor to the media by way of news flow, proprietary research and editorial contributions.

We have been long-standing participants in investment industry bodies such as Invest Europe (fka. EVCA), LPEA, NVCA and BVK.

Note to Media Editors

Please feel free to contact us for our view on developments in the investment and private equity industry in general and the Directs and broader secondary markets in particular.  The Cipio Partners team does not run blogs and publish our musings about the market and current developments as some other investment firms do.  However, we own a large and diversified private investment portfolio worldwide and therefore have a rather unique and complete first-hand perspective on many investment related topics.  Feel free to reach out to any of the managing partners or request a call-back at

We appreciate media interest and promise to respond in a manner that is timely and sensitive to editorial calendars and deadlines.