Cipio Partners featured in PE Hub online blog: “J” Curve becomes a “W”

Bid farewell to the Venture investment “J-curve,” the notion that a venture fund has to suffer through negative returns in the early years before progressively yielding positive returns and generating liquidity in the outlying years. These days, VC funds and their investors have to deal with an even more […]

May, 2012|peHUB

Cipio Partners featured in PE Hub online blog: Secondary Market Exchanges: A Valuable but imperfect Path to the future

The secondary market for shares of venture-backed private companies will remain largely under served for years to come. More information transparency is needed for it to live up to its potential.

Given that the IPO market remains fickle and the supply of ”hot” pre-IPO stocks unpredictable, secondary market exchanges have […]

April, 2012|peHUB

Unlocking Value From A Portfolio’s Walking Dead

We have all seen it. A startup has initial success with an innovative business concept, an early product, a first or second round of capital and a spurt of revenue growth. Then suddenly, its momentum stalls.

More than 50% of all venture-backed companies in the past decade with $10 million […]

February, 2012|peHUB