Cipio Partners is a leading European secondary direct and growth capital investment management and advisory firm. We make direct investments in private growth stage technology businesses predominantly in Europe.

Private investments are structurally illiquid and discourage the transfer of ownership before the entire company is exited. This forces investors to stay put for an indefinite period. This structural illiquidity creates pressure on private equity as the time to exit for investments has doubled during the last decade to reach on average seven years – with investors locked in for longer in many firms.

The growing holding periods, against the backdrop of volatile financial markets and ever changing regulation, have prompted an increasing number of investors to seek “early” liquidity, i.e. a sale of their investment before a final exit of the company has occurred.

Secondary direct, in short “Directs”, transactions have proven themselves to be the most dependable route to achieve this liquidity. At their core these transactions always include the buying and selling of an investor’s ownership in a private company.

These transactions can apply to one or several investments. Often, they are highly structured and include growth capital for the companies, preferred equity structures or deferred consideration for the seller.

We are an independent partnership focused since inception on being one of the preeminent partners for secondary direct and growth capital transactions worldwide. Our funds invest in leading growth stage technology businesses predominantly in Europe.

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